Vendor Technical Assessment/Audits are carried out by Specialists (technical experts in concerned equipment / material) with varied backgrounds (Quality Assurance and audit management), who are capable of assessing processes, systems and/or products to prescribed manufacturing, technical, quality and quality system requirements. These specialists will preferably hold formal audit qualifications, experience with quality standards (such as ISO, etc.), manufacturing processes, industry practices and quality systems principals. Reasons the Vendor Technical Assessment / Audits are required are as follows:

  • Manufacturers are far from the client’s offices, meaning cost of surveillance may be considerably pricey for them to carry out the assessment themselves.
  • Communication and cultural matters can complicate communication; with our global stretch we will be able to act on behalf of our client swiftly through partnership with establish companies.
  • Supplier risk management to evaluate its certification against International standards and if it has the capacity to meet tighter deadlines, with quality and timely delivery of products being critical.

Vendor selection process can be very complicated and emotional undertaking if you don’t know how to approach it from the very start. At MTHUZIMELE QUALITY SERVICES we help you select the right vendor for your business by:

  • Verification of the QualityManagement System (QMS)
  • Assessment of the Vendor’s management structure
  • Carry out quality assurance audit
  • Assess the vendor processes (e.g. material and product control)
  • Assess the Vendor’s facilities and manufacturing methodology
  • Assess the Vendor’s handling and storage of products procedures
  • Review their Welding Procedures, Welders qualification procedures.

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