On-site inspections are the final verification measure to verify conformity of installation of equipment on site. On-site inspection involves sample collection, quality control as per Inspection Test Plan/Specifications/ technical drawings, etc.., some on-site analysis determines to a large extent the quality of information obtained and represents a significant proportion of the total cost of the project. Properly trained field inspectors/surveyors/engineers/etc, are the backbone of effective sampling and inspection services on site. And proper orientation and training of inspection personnel in on-site inspections, gives flexible responses to the results of inspections, and in conducting basic visual, non-destructive tests and transparency, can also assist in providing valuable additional data for the project.

The principal components of effective planning for on-site inspections comprise:

  • Timing and preparation (in the context of the inspection test plan and information needs for quality management).
  • Prior liaison with the construction quality personnel.
  • Logistic preparation for the inspection.
  • Local co-ordination with other departments as required on site.
  • Prior liaison with other contractors should they be working around the area.

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